Be a Hijabi Lady by Wearing Pakistani Hijab

The term  Pakistani hijab refers to a variety of traditional headscarves worn by many Muslim women. Also called a veil, headscarf, or covering, it is endeavor  to promote modesty and avoid calling attention to a woman’s body. There is no specific Pakistani hijab; instead, different styles are available not only throughout Pakistan but also in many areas around the world.

Many different fabrics can be used to make a  Pakistani  hijab, depending on  local customs, occasion, weather, and personal preference. Personal preference  usually decides color and style of hijab that varies from person to person. Most Muslim women avoid bright colors and patterns as bright colors are source of  attraction to men. Blue or black color hijaab are the most common one seen in  Pakistani society.
Female members of Pakistan's Jamaat-e-Islamic Islamic party have demanded that the hijab be made imperative. The nation was urged to observe international hijab day on sept 4 by the leader of Jamaat-e Islam. It is normally considered that the type of dress determines the amount of  respect a woman should be given. So in order to make Pakistani women more respectable in men’s eye Jamaat-e-Islamic (JI) has demanded that the hijab be made compulsory in the constitution of Pakistan

In Pakistan, hijab is worn for the following basic reasons:
• Insecurity at the hands of men
• Identity crises
• To increase modesty
• Compulsion from male members ( husbands, fathers or brothers etc)

What I think is the Hijab should be pride and egotism of any women and not a  mark of compulsion. As compulsions makes path to many unspecific things.

In our Pakistani society, elders tells that if a girls is not in hijab than they attract  and compel male to have sexual relation with them, but the sad part is that they do not tell their young boys or men to respect women and avoid illegal actions against them. In Pakistan It is usually the preying eye of men rather than religion  that has forced women to wear the Hijab. But wearing a piece of cloth shall neither change the men’s attitude nor protect  women.

It is really a bitter and dejected truth that As far as Hijab is concerned, you see, even prostitutes in Pakistan observe it. But this thing should be kept in mind  that its practice what makes one different, not what one wears. There are many other ladies who wear hijab and have flaw-less character. So we can bring down  curtain by saying that purpose of wearing hijab should be clear and reputable in  mind. Be a hijabi lady and not a hijabi hooker.

Idea Behind Hijab Scarf

In Islam there is a very old tradition of covering your head in such a way that not even a single glance of your hair should be porn to the other people for women. It is a very strict ritual and is followed by all the Islamic girls and women of all Islamic countries. This can be conceded that the Islam uniforms the females by this idea of covering your head with the help of a hijab scarf. Women all around the Middle East, Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt and Turkey strictly follow this obligation. This hijab scarf is the national dress for women in Saudi Arabia. No women in that country are seen without following this ritual. 

Women who are non Muslim are so much inspired by the idea of hijab scarf, that they also follow this in their routine life as this not only adds beauty to them but also confidence and comfort to their apparel. Muslim women have so many different creative ideas to wear the hijab scarf i.e. some wear it with a long coat, with their dopata, and others with the normal dress. Hijab helps them to out stand as Muslim women.

Importance of the Hijab

One of the most important elements of the identity of a Muslim women personality is “the hijab”. In Islam and many other religions there is an attraction between the opposite sex and chances for any type of private affair to groom in that way. Therefore these religions put some type of  restrictions on this type of freedom, to avoid these unintentional affairs to happen. The hijab is one of these  types of restriction on women, to cover themselves and to avoid men being attracted towards them for the  sake of beauty.

The hijab provides women a security and a respectable space in the Islamic society, therefore  protecting the females from any such unwanted desires. It creates an atmosphere in order to resist the  unethical demands and to build in the internal immunity for both men and women in every society. Another important feature of the Hejaz is that it creates a modest feeling in the females which lessen  their desires of the material items like dressings and expensive jewels for showing and enhancing their beauty. Muslim women are there for fulfilling two major pillars of Islam. One is to be in a cover  and other is to be modest.

Four Amazing Hijab Styles for Kids

Nowadays the hijab fashion is becoming increasingly popular among all age groups from kids to old women. The hijab styles for kids are introduced to make them look equally Islamic and beautiful. The Muslim girls must be advised to wear scarf to cover heads from very initial age to make it their habit. You can find a huge variety of hijab styles in every color and fabric for kids which they can match and wear with their outfits. The head scarf, abaya, gown and maxi will look on every cute girl. Most of the kids love to follow their elders dressing styles so they can look cute and cultured by wearing hijab. Following hijab styles are famous not only among kids but also elder women which makes your kid look sophisticated and cute:

1. Elegant White: 
White color looks elegant and classic when it comes to fashion world and it is perfect choice for kid’s hijab. Not only this hijab matches with every outfit but also looks cool and trendy in summers. You can buy a white scarf in various fabrics from cotton to silk and satin and can decorate it with laces and accessories for making your kid more fashionable. Multi colored laces and pearls can be added to white scarf for accentuating the look. 

2. Stunning Black: 
Black is the most commonly used color among hijab in every age grioup. The black hijab highlights the face features and body shape making your kid beautiful. You will find a wide variety of black scarves in various materials and designs as woven, knitted, painted or stitched plain black. The edges can be extended with silk pieces or laces. The embroidery and thread work also looks cute when done in shapes of cartoon characters and flowers. 

 3. Colorful Combination: 
The kids clothes consist of wide color combinations and you can match any one or multi colored hijab for your kid. The classic designs are available in every shade of pink and purples and green which suit the girls most. Grey color looks elegant and decent depending on personal choice of your kid. Your kid can go for silk or pashmina shawl depending on the occasion and weather requirements. 

4. Check and Polka Dots: 
The face shape and height of kid must be kept in mind while choosing the perfect hijab for her. The round chubby cheeks will look perfect in a long or square polka dot theme scarf well wrapped around the neck and head area. Your child can also wear and knitted cap under any colored scarf to mix and match the prints. The check prints and twin colored chiffon scarf also looks cute and make your kid stand out among gathering.

How to Wear a Hijab: Its All About Creativity

How to wear a hijab tells you that how you can do creativity with your hijab which gives it totally different look and that will inspire other too. Hijab is important in life of Islamic women because it is compulsory for them to cover themselves. But in this modern world every women wants to look classy and trendy and also want to fulfill their religious demand. This is not difficult and you can do this easily.

How to wear a hijab provides you with those ideas which give a beautiful look to your hijab. Although there are many ways of wearing a scarf and by doing little effort with them you looks stunning. A simple way of wearing hijab is to roll around your face in clockwise direction and then pin it up. You can use cool pins having pearls on them or flower pins for giving it a bright effect.

How to wear a hijab also helps you in selecting abaya that is frok or a long gown style. You can wear a scarf or a stole over it which is easy to handle and makes you look amazing and beautiful.

Hijabs for Girls: Trendy and Cool

Hijabs for girls provides the new idea of wearing hijab for girls that gives them look modern and they can follow their religion. Hijab is compulsory for girls in Islam. So, they girls have to cover their hairs or whole body. In this fashionable world everyone wants to become stylish and classy. So girls can also do creativity with their hijab style and can easily fulfill their religious requirements. Hijab’s for girls tells you that you can choose style of hijab which you like and then add extra effect in this. Like if you are a school girl then you can choose scarf which can be easily handle. You can choose scarf of colorful fabric which gives you pretty look. 

If you are a college girl you can choose stole, which is very common no-a-days and is available in every style. By this stole you can cover your body too. Hijabs for girls also provides you to make your abaya stylish by using two colors and using motif like flowers or pearls that give it a shiny and a bright look. By using all these innovative ideas you will look beautiful, graceful and honorable too.

Simple And Cute Indian Hijab Styles

Indian hijab styles are very simple and elegant. Hijab is done by all women in Islamic society so it is also done by women in India where they cover them self and follow their religion. Indians are simple so they do hijab which will add more in their simplicity. Indian hijab styles are not expensive and they show others that hijab can be done by without any specific scarf and stole. Just by using their dupatha and sari they cover themselves properly. Although school and college girls use their dupatha whose length and width is large, so they roll it around their face and cover their head and chest with it. It makes them look cute and it is very easy too.

Indian hijab styles are different from other countries as a women who is wearing sari covers herself by using the side cloth of sari, she can also wear a under hijab which keeps her sari on her head. Hijab makes women more respectful and honorable the basic purpose is to cover you. No matter what cloth you choose wither its stole or veil or dupatha, you must have to cover yourself.